Welcome to Grumpy old People Racing. (GOP)

2017 Season Overview

We are a free to race league, with a very open schedule. Most weekly races that we schedule can be run at your convince Ex. The K&N time trial series. You can run any available time trial session on iracing. Once you complete your run go to Session id page and submit the session id from your results and we will get them into the database. Please note Each series page here to get the actual rules for that series.

The league will be administered via iRacing’s system so all results are validated and final when iracing posted. In addition to iRacing’s result, we will also be using a league dedicated website and the Danlisa stats compiler to keep track of points. iRacing’s chat system will be accompanied by a TeamSpeak server Click here to request our GOP TeamSpeak PW.

All Session Ids must be received by the deadline for that league to be counted. NO Exceptions.

GOP Rules:

  • All our races will use and follow iracing servers and schedules.
  • Each Series we run has its own rules please see the series pages for information.
  • Gop randomly monitor the races for disruptive behavior. They do not officiate the race itself. Officiating is left solely up to iRacing’s Race
  • Do not get into an argument with anyone -- admin. or racer. If you have a beef with another driver your only option is to handle it privately. Members may not use iracing chat, the club forum, or a common channel on the league’s TeamSpeak server to hash it out. All of the other rules can be found in the iracing Sporting Code. If we find this happening we will remove you from our ranks and report the actions to iracing

Thanks for being a member of our league. Let's have some clean, fun racing!!

On Track Regards,